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Property rental tips
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How to find a property to rent?

Find a property to rent - first this is to contact us with a few details regarding type of property (house, flat, studio apartment, room in a shared house to rent), number of bedrooms, area, long term or short term rent and maximum rent. We will then use this information to find you the best suited properties. If looking for a professional property, we recommend looking up to a month in advance.
If you are a student looking for a property to rent between July to June, it is suggested you start looking up to 7 months in advance! For example for the academic year 2008-2009 we had a large percentage of houses rented from November/December 2007!
If you have left it to the last minute, don't worry, there are new properties being added weekly for those landlords that like doing things at the last minute as well!

Property viewings
Property viewings are arranged on a group basis (for example if looking for a six bedroom house, the majority of the prospective tenants must be available). Most property viewings are arranged during office hours, but also can be organized outside these hours, just let us know when you are free.

You like a property? Like to reserve this property to rent?
That’s easy, to reserve a property a group agency fee is required. The agency fee is only 1/5 of a month's rent, when it is paid a date will be set to sign the contracts. Contracts must be signed within 7 days of the reservation of the property. When signing the contract you are required to provide proof of identity (passport/driving licence), a bond (usually equivalent to one months rent) and post dated cheques. Most landlords accept half rent in July and August, please confirm before signing contracts.

Property rents
Rent is usually quoted on a monthly basis. Tenants will be responsible for bills (council tax, water rates, gas, electricity and telephone/cable/internet) unless otherwise stated.

The bond (or deposit) is usually equal to one months rent and is required to cover any damages or any other household liabilities. The deposit can not be used to cover the last months rent.
Due to new legislation once the bond is paid, the landlord will send the money to a third party (Deposit Protection Scheme). The money will be held until the tenancy ends. If there are to be any deductions made they have to be justified to this third party. To get your bond back at the end of your tenancy you need to provide us proof that all bills have been paid, and that there has not been any losses (breakage's, missing items). An inventory will be done prior to you moving in and after you vacate the property to determine the condition of the property and items that are included.

What is a property inventory?
The Inventory is a detailed list of the furniture, contents and the state of repair of the property. The inventory will detail room by room what furniture is present and if there are any stains/marks etc. Once this has been signed by both parties, it becomes the basis for any deductions that would be made from your bonds taking 'wear and tear' into consideration.

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