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Advertising property

Funny but just few years ago there were several ways to advertise properties including sticking small paper notices all over the place, to the lamp poles, doors, fences, later in the news papers and magazines - all are endangered species nowadays. Internet is the most powerful beast right now and we handle it pretty well.

Why advertise?

If you don't want us to let your property, manage it, do viewings and want to save lots of money - this service is for you. You advertise your property on our website - our website connects you with the right people. They email you, you arrange the viewings, you get the references, you manage it on a daily basis and we just help you with finding tenants you want for a very small fee.

So why is it going to work for you?
  • Powerful - with hundreds of people visiting our website every day you can be sure that your property will find the best possible tenants for you

  • Attractive - your ad will be marked with 'No fees' lable (meaning that neither our agency nor landlord will charge any letting fees to tenants) which is extremly attractive, everyone is trying to save and every little helps as you know. See an example in here

  • Simple - it takes only few minutes to register and add your properties to our listings and in a matter of hours they will be shining in front of hundrends of our daily visitors and thousands within a week

  • Convenient - you don't have to be on the phone waiting for the clients to call, forget about this. The website is working 24 hours a day and anyone interested will contact you by email, no late night phone calls, you choose when and how to reply or contact them. All the communication is strictly between you and clients, we don't take any part or involvement in it

  • Affordable - the advertising terms are flexible and affordable to anyone, you are not tied to a long term contracts. Just think how much you can save on letting fees! Also if you've got any suggestions we are always open for discussions

  • Secure - you can pay for the service without leaving home, online using your credit or debit card. All the payments are done through Paypal, one of the most secure and trusted online systems

How much? Not much!

Save hundreds of pounds on letting, management and maintenance fees. You can invest saved money back to your property or just indulge yourself, why not? If you are new to lettings and worry about the paper work involved we can always advise and assist in any questions you may have.
You have a choice of two advertising terms:
  • 2 weeks - £10.00
  • 1 month - £20.00
All the prices are for a single ad/property.
Note: To advertise your property you must follow one simple condition - you will not charge letting, admin or any other fees for renting out your property to the clients found through our website.

What should I do?
  1. Register - couple of things about yourself like name, address and telephone number. All the information is hidden from the public, you don't need to worry about privacy issues. Takes only a minute or so and you can do it right here

  2. Add properties - add properties to the list, one or more if you have, describe them in the best possible way, the more information the better and finally upload photos, preferably when the property is clean and tidy, as nobody wants to see socks and pants hanging around

  3. Pay - final stage, choose one of the two options, advertising for 2 weeks or 1 month, pay and your ad will be online within 24 hours after we verify the transaction

  4. Relax and enjoy - once your property is online anyone who is interested can contact you by email through the 'Contact landlord' feature

    NOTE: none of your personal information will be displayed, including your email address

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