Is It Actually Legal To Find Social Escorts In Singapore?

There is always lots of media coverage on social escorts yearly in Singapore.

One of these media pieces in Singapore include a public interview of a local escort agency in Singapore.

On the other hand, there are also other news articles showing other websites getting busted.

With such seemingly conflicting media news, it can be pretty confusing for a first time customer.

So, from the point of view of a customer, is it actually legal and safe for you to find a social escort in Singapore?

Here is a breakdown for you.

If you are in a hurry to engage an escort in Singapore, the quick answer is generally speaking YES.

If you want to know the long answer, read on.

Social escorts are never illegal. It has always been legal to engage social escort services. What makes certain things illegal is usually due to two things.

  1. The said escort is a foreigner working in Singapore and selling her services as a self employed
  2. The escort is really just a prostitute who is using the name escort to bypass the law

Let us dive deeper, since some of you readers may be interested in engaging the services of a foreigner in SG.

First of all, if you are intending to look for a Thai, Viet or European female escort in Singapore – be warned. If you engage their services, you engage them with full legal risk. This is simply because foreigners are not allowed to work in Singapore legally. You can read more about how foreign escorts have been apprehended in Singapore here. You may want to note that if an escort or agency goes down, your details will likely be investigated as well.

If this was another country with weaker police force, then perhaps you will be able to easily get away with it. However, Singapore is a small city. If you want to have fun, then engage a local one. How do you know if they are truly a local? If you engage a social escort through a reputable local agency, the girl you meet is most likely a SG girl as only locals are employed by legit agencies.

Otherwise, if you really love foreign escorts, sure! Look for them at their respective countries and you will be perfectly fine.

Second of all, there are many legitimate escorts in Singapore, and many prostitutes masquerading as escorts.

Let us first see what is the difference between escorts and prostitutes, since many people have a misunderstanding between them.

Escorts are basically paid companions, usually female, and the only services rendered are to be companionship. Escorts are basically ad-hoc sugar babies with zero monthly commitment. You pay each time to meet. It is pay per meet, and not pay per month.

Prostitutes are usually females who sell their sexual services for money. This is usually very straightforward.

While prostitution in itself is not illegal in Singapore, a myriad of other related things are. For instance, pimping. That is why agencies can get busted if they facilitate prostitution. This is why all legal escort agencies are not allowed to sell sexual services of any kind whatsoever to you.

Public solicitation of sexual services is also illegal. This applies both ways – from service providers to you, and you to service providers. If you are wondering, you finding an escort’s or agency’s number and trying to solicit sexual services from them is a crime in Singapore. Yes, it is a crime for customers to solicit sexual services over the Internet.

Additionally, even if you and a girl (whether be it she an escort or a prostitute or a girl you met off Tinder) agrees to have sexual relations in Singapore, it is still illegal if either person’s age is below 18.

So, as long as you keep to the above laws, you should stay on the safe side of the law in Singapore and get to having a great time with a local social escort safely and legally!

Please read the above carefully so that you enjoy your time in Singapore with your hired female escort!